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Remote device management application

Revolutionizing climate control management, our expert team crafted a dynamic front-end application for a smart device manufacturer. Discover our solution that simplifies device monitoring and updates, reducing the need for on-site maintenance.

Remote device management application
Microsoft Azure

The client, a manufacturer of smart central climate control devices, required a front-end application enabling their technicians to remotely manage devices connected to the internet. The objective was to facilitate efficient device monitoring for support and firmware improvements while handling a vast array of devices with diverse parameters and configurations. The solution needed scalability, multilingual support, and intuitive visualization of parameters.

Our team took charge of the entire front-end aspect, from technical analysis and architecture to developing a component library, writing code, implementing unit and automation tests, and setting up seamless CI/CD processes for efficient development cycles.

We developed a comprehensive component library accessible via Storybook. Our solution empowered the client to effortlessly support a wide range of device types by configuring the back-end, allowing the front-end to dynamically adjust based on this configuration. The application enabled technicians to manage, analyze, and configure devices, update their parameters, firmware, and backups remotely. Consequently, on-site visits for maintenance were significantly reduced.

Key features and outcomes:
  • Centralized device management: list, search, filter, and update details of all devices.
  • Real-time analysis: technicians could remotely analyze device conditions, reducing the need for on-site visits.
  • Configuration and firmware updates: enabled via the internet, streamlining device maintenance.
  • Multilingual and mobile-friendly interface meeting accessibility standards for enhanced usability.

The implemented front-end solution not only met the diverse needs of the client but also significantly enhanced operational efficiency, enabling remote device management and support on a scalable, multilingual, and user-friendly platform.

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