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Multi-step onboarding with external verification services

Transforming loan applications: We designed a multi-step, user-friendly front-end application for a financial institution, enhancing the loan onboarding process. Features include automated verifications and digital contracts, all in a multilingual, responsive setting. Discover a streamlined loan experience.

Multi-step onboarding with external verification services
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Our team collaborated with a nonbank financial institution to revolutionize the loan application process through a comprehensive front-end application. The aim was to streamline and enhance the onboarding experience for loan applicants. This encompassed a multi-step form gathering essential applicant information, third-party identity verifications, back-office decision-awaiting functionality, and the presentation of digital contracts.

We undertook the responsibility of translating existing designs into a functional web application tailored to the client’s requirements. Our tasks included initial testing, delivering refined results for client verification, and facilitating deployment. The application, designed to be multilingual and responsive, aimed to enhance user accessibility and usability.

Our delivered front-end application streamlined the onboarding process, presenting applicants with a user-friendly multi-step form that efficiently gathered crucial information for loan eligibility. Integration with third-party identity verification services automated applicant validation, reducing the workload for the customer support team by automatically filtering out non-eligible applicants.

Key features and outcomes:
  • Multi-step onboarding: splitting the onboarding process into steps improved user experience and decreased drop-off rates.
  • Automated verifications: integration with external verification services removed non-eligible applicants, reducing manual workload.
  • Multilingual and responsive interface: ensured accessibility and usability across various devices and languages.

The implemented front-end solution not only simplified the loan application process but also enhanced user experience, reduced drop-off rates, and significantly decreased the manual workload for the institution’s customer support team.

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