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User management admin panel

Transforming user and dealer company management, our team developed an advanced front-end app for a hardware manufacturer. Effortlessly view, filter, and update user details, permissions, and dealer companies for streamlined administrative processes.

User management admin panel
Microsoft Azure

The client, a hardware manufacturer, required a comprehensive front-end application to manage users and dealer companies. The application aimed to facilitate seamless user administration, including viewing, filtering, and updating user details, permissions, as well as managing dealer companies and user assignments.

Our team assumed responsibility for the entire front-end development. This encompassed technical analysis, architecting the application, coding, testing, and establishing robust CI/CD processes.

The challenge lay in designing an intuitive interface capable of efficiently handling user lists, filtering options, individual user details, permissions management, and the dynamic creation and updating of dealer companies while ensuring a seamless user experience.

We delivered an advanced front-end application that empowered the client to oversee and manage user activities effortlessly. The application facilitated the viewing, filtering, and modification of user details, permissions, and company assignments. Additionally, it allowed for the creation, updating, and management of dealer companies, streamlining administrative processes.

Key features and outcomes

  • User management: effortlessly view, filter, and update user details, permissions, and company assignments.
  • Dealer company management: create, update, and manage dealer companies, facilitating seamless user assignments.

The implemented front-end solution improved user and dealer company management for the client, offering a user-friendly interface that seamlessly handled diverse user-related tasks while ensuring scalability and adaptability.

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